TAS Network Gateway for T2S

The European initiative known as TARGET2-Securities (T2S) focuses on improving efficiency and safety by providing a single platform for the settlement of securities.

The Single Shared Platform connects all T2S participants. Those with direct access to T2S are called Directly Connected T2S Actors (DiCoA). They are Central Security Depositories (CSD), CSD participants, Central Banks (CB), and members of the banking community.

DiCoAs can access the T2S platform through two licensed Value Added Network Service Providers (VA-NSP): SWIFT and SIA-COLT, which mainly offer the network connectivity and messaging services.

The T2S add-ons for TAS Network Gateway 3.0 are the TAS software components supporting a transparent connection to both the VA-NSPs, allowing DiCoAs to choose and switch from one to the other.

TAS NF fot T2S

The T2S add-ons for TAS Network Gateway 3.0 manage the new XML messages based on the ISO-20022 standard, which substitute the out-of-date FIN messages of the MT5 series and domestic messages of the various countries. They handle all network details, message formats, business signature and other T2S requirement of both the VA-NPs, allowing DiCoAs to focus on business-related aspects of T2S implementation.

Furthermore, TAS Network Gateway 3.0 for T2S is fully integrated with TAS Aquarius, the new TAS solution for securities, cash and collateral data management with a modular and integrated liquidity and settlement platform.

What are the T2S DiCoA connector and the T2S XML engine

The T2S DiCoA connector and the T2S XML engine are two add-ons service of the TAS Network Gateway 3.0. They facilitate communication flows to and from T2S over the SIA-COLT and/or SWIFT VANs as well as the data exchange between the CSDs and the CSD participants. 

Their main objective is to simplify connectivity between the DiCoA’s Settlement Application, such as TAS Aquarius, and T2S. With them in place, the messaging complexity is transparent to the settlement application, which can focus only to T2S business information.


The T2S DiCoA connector handles settlement instructions, advices and messages coupling, the creation of signatures and compression/ decompression of T2S related messages and files. Additionally, the T2S XML engine can handle bulking/debulking logic and message transcoding for the settlement application.

What is TAS Network Gateway 3.0

TAS Network Gateway 3.0 is the platform for financial messaging connecting customers to any national or international interbank network in a simple and transparent way, available as an in-house installation or software as a service.

TAS Network Gateway is installed in the heart of the European Central Platform for the management and redistribution of all T2 and T2S messaging as well as in many domestic and global banks. It is multi-standard, multi-protocol and multi-network and it is a transformation / validation engine for multiple application frameworks, including SEPA, FIN, Funds, T2 and T2S. It offers the full independence from the networks, the possibility to switch from one network to the other and even connect simultaneously to both the networks, offering a complete redundancy of the network infrastructure.

TAS Network Gateway 3.0 is a Java Enterprise scalable platform that guarantee the 24x7 business continuity, load balancing and high scalability. It is certified to work with the most widely spread Java Application Servers and DBMS, even combined heterogeneously.

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