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Aquarius is the latest suite by TAS Group delivering modular and integrated features to manage collateral and liquidity.

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The Aquarius module for Treasury management allows real-time monitoring and management of liquidity on the accounts held with market infrastructures and connected banks. It ensures the correct flow of payments on the various channels established by regulations; it integrates and reconciles forecast information with the settlement of payments in order to allow a detailed intraday analysis; it performs simulations so as to know in advance the effects caused on future cash flows

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Intraday Liquidity Management

Aquarius offers an integrated framework to monitor Intraday Liquidity and consolidate Cash Management and Collateral activities for both direct and indirect settlement systems participant. Core functionalities includes : bcbs248 monitoring tools; global intraday liquidity overview on individual country, currency, legal entity or customer level; monitoring features on monthly and daily bases; flexible alerting system; easy integration with bank back office and network applications.
Starting May 2017 a Stress Testing Module is available to improve BCBS 248 stress testing in a totally automated way.

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TARGET2 module is the core component of the suite allowing real time liquidity monitoring and management of payment flows on the Eurosystem RTGS to significantly improve the management of balance positions and transactions.


T2S C&C (T2S Cash & Collateral) is the Aquarius module that permits to work on T2S for Cash and Collateral components; it offers a real time view on DCA accounts status, operational limits and collateralization activities for National Bank and Clients.

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